Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants Toolkit

Wild Ones Front Range is developing this toolkit to guide anyone interested in converting some of their garden spaces into Colorado native plant habitat. Sections of this toolkit will be added and revised over time. Please email us if you are interested in joining the Toolkit Committee to us help build this resource.


How to Use this Toolkit

Why Coloradoscape with Native Plants?

Definition of Coloradoscaping

All Native Plants are NOT Created Equal

Getting Started: Evaluating Your Site and Setting Goals

Determine Native Landscape Goals

Evaluate Your Existing Site

Seek Inspiration

Member Gardens List/Map

Native Plant Photo Library

Public Demonstration Gardens

Create Your Landscape Design

Designing a Native Garden

Fire Mitigation

Select Plants for Design

Low Water Native Plant Guides for Colorado Gardens: 5 Regions

Native Plant Spreadsheet – coming soon

Native Plants by Form

Glorius Grasses Native to Colorado’s Front Range

Grasses are the Foundation

Cool and Warm Season Colorado Native Grasses

Native Trees for Colorado’s Front Range

Colorado Native Shrubs – Ecological Powerhouses and More

Colorado Native Shrubs for Bird Habitat

Native Plants for Different Landscape Conditions

Container Gardening with Colorado Native Plants

Hardiest of Hardy Native Plants for Denver’s Front Range

Native Plants that Tolerate Shade

Native Plants with Specific Benefits

Attracting Butterflies with Colorado Native Wildflowers, Shrubs, Trees and Vines

Edible Native Plants – coming soon

Prepare Your Site for Planting

Replacing Turf: Goals and Approaches

Install hardscape, irrigation and water harvesting features

Propagate and/or Purchase Native Plants

Colorado Native Seed Collection & Cleaning Tips

Native Plant Seed Collection and Germination

Germination Guide for Native Seeds

Easy to Grow Colorado Native Plants

Outdoor Seed Stratification

Native Plant and Seed Sources

Establish Plants in Your Landscape

Best Practices for Planting and Mulching your Plants

Maintain Your Native Plant Landscape

Reducing Irrigation as Plants Establish

Managing Dead Plant Material – how/when to cut back

Diagnosing Problems and Managing Pests/Rabbits/Deer

Weed Identification and Management

Share Your Progress and Get Support

Member Gardens Map

Regional Groups to Share Ideas and Do Garden Check-ups

Native Garden Certifications – Audubon, CoNPS, National Wildlife Federation

Advocate for Coloradoscaping with Colorado Native Plants

Opportunities and tools for advocacy with city officials, HOA’s, neighborhood associations, around using native plants in your neighborhood and community