Native Plant Seed Swaps

Seed Swaps are a gateway to native gardening

Native Seed Swaps increase access to regionally adapted native seeds. We invite you to adopt seeds collected by Wild Ones members and supporters from their own Front Range gardens. Our goal is to get more native plants growing in home landscapes. As your plants establish and flourish, you will witness the abundance of life that they bring to your garden.

Seed Swaps boost biodiversity

Often it is said that native landscaping’s biggest challenge is finding the plants. But seeds are abundant, readily available, and inexpensive to boot! Often nursery staff do not have the time, the expertise or the resources to grow a wide variety of native plants. That limits public access to the diversity of species that we need to support a healthy home garden habitat. By learning to cultivate native seeds, we can become better stewards of our gardens. Pollinators need a variety of plants that bloom at different times throughout the season. Some plants provide nectar, others yield pollen, and nutritional values vary with each species. A healthy diet is a diverse diet: what’s true for people is true for pollinators.

Seed Swaps promote community engagement

Native Seed Swaps provide an opportunity for Wild Ones members to serve the broader community. We hope that in the future you will be eager to collect seeds and share them with your family, friends and neighbors. One Prairie Coneflower — a single flower — produces hundreds of seeds. There is always plenty of seed to share.

Sharing seeds is simple…

Wild Ones Front Range member Lisa Olsen shares tips on collecting and cleaning native seeds.

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