Northern Colorado Plant Exchange 2024

NoCo Native Plant Exchange @ the Xeriscape Garden Party

Saturday, June 1 • 10am-1pm
300 Laporte Ave, Fort Collins

  1. Get involved and help!  Check out VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES HERE as they are scheduled.
  2. If you bring plants, please label properly to avoid delay in checking your plants in:
    • Latin Name
    • Common Name
    • First Initial and Last Name
  3. Please bring only pesticide-free plants (including those grown from untreated seed)
  4. Please no noxious weeds…see Colorado Dept of Agriculture’s list here.
  5. Bring your own container (basket, box or bag) to take plants home and help us keep the carbon footprint low.
  6. We’ll be accepting 2.5” pots and trays to recycle; please look for location to drop them when you arrive.