Together, we can heal the Earth right where we live – and inspire others to join us!

Wild Ones Front Range is a volunteer-run chapter of  Wild Ones National that empowers Front Range residents to plant and promote native Coloradoscapes for a climate-resilient future. 

We support everyone who is committed to adding more native plants to their part of the Front Range, from a handful to a yard full. Each native plant that you add provides a landing place, food source, and/or a nesting site for local wildlife. 

Of course, the more native plants there are, the bigger the impact! If your goal is to create a sustainable biodiverse habitat, we suggest incorporating at least 70% native species into your garden. 

Your gift will help us empower more people to transform their outdoor spaces into native plant habitats:

  • Increase native plant access by organizing (free!) native Plant Swaps & Seed Swaps.
  • Share Coloradoscaping how-tos through our ToolkitEvents, and Newsletter.
  • Host garden tours to inspire people with Coloradoscaping examples.
  • Encourage community among our members through in-person & online gatherings.

The Wild Ones Front Range Chapter is a chapter of the national organization, Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 39-1695443; we are the only Wild Ones chapter in Colorado.