Denver Plant Swap – Plant Donations

Colorado Native Plant Swaps
Whether you have propagated from seed or are sharing unwelcomed “volunteers” in your native garden, THANK YOU for sharing your garden’s bounty! 

Please ensure your plant donations are native to Colorado and bordering regions. 

To minimize costs and enable an efficient set-up of the event, we ask that you take a few moments to provide some details about the plants you are bringing by completing this plant donation form. Please submit a form for each species/variety of plant you are donating.

Tip: To find a plant’s scientific name, search the internet with “common name” + “scientific name” (eg. “Prairie Zinnia” + “scientific name”).

Please label each plant that you bring using plant tags or masking tape with the following: 

  • The plant’s common name
  • The plant’s botanical (Latin) names,
  • Your first initial and last name
Labeled native plant donations

Please ensure that any plants you plan to share at the swap are grown free of chemicals to protect pollinator health: this means no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. Please no plants propagated from seeds treated with neonicotinoids. The bees will thank you! To protect our natural areas, we also cannot accept donations of plants that are listed as noxious weeds by the CO Dept. of Agriculture.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Please consider a financial donation to help defer the costs of the plant swap. All donations will be shared between the participating organizations to further their missions.