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Colorado Native Plant Propagation | Propagation Committee Gathering

Members of the Propagation Committee gathered at Brian & Eileen’s property to explore their land adjacent to Roosevelt National Forest and swap native plant seedlings that weren’t quite ready for the June swaps. It was a great day spending the day together, particularly since our Propagation Committee members are spread out along the Front Range. […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Plant Propagation | Propagation Committee Gathering"

How to Winter Sow Native Seeds in Milk Jugs or Plastic Containers

By Jenifer Frazer1 Trudi Davidoff invented modern winter sowing in the early 2000s under eastern conditions. She used disposable plastic food storage containers and milk jugs but I had issues with those methods in our windy, dry, sunny environment. So I poked around on her website and found someone else’s idea for winter sowing in […] Continue reading "How to Winter Sow Native Seeds in Milk Jugs or Plastic Containers"

Tips, Tricks, and Info for Planting Native Plants on the Front Range

by Wild Ones Front Range Chapter Board Members This month we thought we’d go “trick or treating” for (i.e. do a deep dive into) nuggets of wisdom our Chapter Board Members (and prospective Board Members) have to hand out from their own experience planting natives in their landscapes – tips, tricks, and info that will […] Continue reading "Tips, Tricks, and Info for Planting Native Plants on the Front Range"

WOFR Propagation Work

by Peggy Hanson Under the great leadership and organization of Wild Ones member, Pam Schulz, the Propagation Committee has had an amazing inaugural year. Pam has set up monthly workshops since the inception meeting in November 2021. Members have benefitted from the technical guidance of member Jan Midgley and Harlequin nursery staff in learning methods of propagating […] Continue reading "WOFR Propagation Work"

Colorado Native Plant Focus: Artemisia frigida

By Jan Midgley Also known as Prairie Sagebrush or Fringed Sage, the soft mounding mat of silvery gray green foliage typical of Artemisia frigida is an excellent matrix for a garden bed of native grasses and forbs. This is a sensory plant: soft to the touch, sweet smelling, edible and visually soft and soothing. It is an excellent […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Plant Focus: Artemisia frigida"

Outdoor Colorado Native Seed Stratification

By Jan Midgely In nature, seeds from Colorado plants undergo large daily temperature swings over winter. Seeds of some species require a cold moist treatment (stratification) to germinate. Others do not, but will tolerate the cold. Temperature swings outdoors are quite different from a cold moist treatment in a refrigerator at a constant 38-40 ̊ […] Continue reading "Outdoor Colorado Native Seed Stratification"