Raise Money for Wild Ones Front Range While You Shop at King Soopers

The Wild Ones Front Range Chapter (WOFR) is a King Soopers Community Rewards Recipient! As a result, anyone with a King Soopers digital account can designate WOFR for community rewards. Then, any time you shop at King Soopers, you raise money for the chapter. Once your account is set up, there’s nothing to remember, except to enter your digital account number or alternative ID, e.g. a telephone number, each time you check out.

Here are the steps:

1 – Sign into your King Soopers account or create a new account

2 – Link your King Soopers account to the Wild Ones Front Range Chapter.

Go to “My Account” and select “Community Rewards”. Search for “Wild Ones Front Range Chapter” and select ENROLL. Confirm by selecting “Community Rewards” from “My Account” on left menu again.

Whenever you shop and provide your account number (or alternate ID), a portion of your purchase will go to the organization! Yippee! 

The King Sooper’s digital account gives you access to all kinds of coupon savings and discounts. Tell family members to use your alternate ID (e.g., your phone number) whenever they check out to get the basic coupon savings and earn money for WOFR!