Colorado Native Plant & Seed Sources

Note: This list is not current and doesn’t distinguish sources with significant inventory of native plants from those that lack a focus on native plants. We plan to research and update this page over the winter.

Sourcing and purchasing native plant species can be a frustrating quest. Many retail garden stores or mail order websites have a limited selection of native plants or have native plants mixed with other plants.

Remember that we help host annual Colorado native plant giveaways/swaps each June, where you may donate your extra seedlings and grab some new ones for your garden!

Collection of Colorado native plants from the plant swap and giveaway

Below is a list of places to buy native plants in Colorado and online.  If you have suggested changes to this list, please email us.

Native Nursery Superstars: Reliable Sources with Significant Native Plant Inventory

Harlequin’s Gardens, Boulder, CO

High Plains Environmental Center (online ordering only)

Prairie Moon (online ordering only)

Prairie Nursery (online ordering only)

Western Native Seed (Coaldale, CO)

Front Range Retail Nurseries That May Have Limited Native Plant Inventory

Seasonal Plant Sales