Native Plant Selection

Native Plant Lists/Guides

Low Water Native Plants for Colorado Gardens

Hardiest of Hardy Native Plants for Denver’s Front Range

20 Easy Native Plants for Your Garden

Native Plants No Colorado Garden Should be Without

Plant This, Not That

Native Plants for Specific Purposes

All Native Plants are NOT Created Equal

Container Gardening with Colorado Native Plants

Shade Tolerant Native Plants

Edible Colorado Native Plants

A Brief Introduction to Colorado Native Short Grass Prairie Plants – Easy to Find and Grow

Attracting Butterflies with Colorado Native Plants

Wilding Your Landscape: Gardening for Insects, Pollinators and Wildlife

Native Plants for Caterpillars and Birds

Low Water Native Plants for Pollinators

Native Plants by Form


Grasses are the Foundation

Glorious Grasses Native to Colorado’s Front Range

Cool and Warm Season Colorado Native Grasses Chart

Native Grasses for Use in Colorado Landscapes: CSU Extension

Flowering Perennials/Forbs/Wildflowers

Native Herbaceous Perennials for Colorado Landscapes: CSU Extension


Native Trees for Colorado’s Front Range

Native Trees for Colorado Landscapes: CSU Extension


Colorado Native Shrubs – Ecological Powerhouses and More

Colorado Native Shrubs for Bird Habitat

Native Shrubs for Colorado Landscapes: CSU Extension

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