Advocacy News & Action | Promoting Turf Conversion with Native Plants – What You Can Do!

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As we discussed in another post, multiple cities along the Front Range offer some sort of incentive to encourage native turf conversion. Whether your city does or does not offer rebates currently, there are actions you can take to support the movement.

  • If your city does not offer rebates, call or write your city council representative and water authority (or better yet, sign up to speak in person at their meetings) to lobby for rebates and incentives, for residential turf conversion, and ask that it include an emphasis on the use of native plants for their additional ecological value. Recruit your neighbors and local neighborhood association to do so too.
  • If your city does offer rebatesyet does not refer to the use of native plants in their program, call or write your city council representative and water authority to ask them to update the term xeriscaping to include native plants and let them know the many advantages of using low-water native plants.
  • To enhance the power of your action, get a group of neighbors to join you in speaking to your city council and water utilities. Be sure to follow up later to ask if they have plans to add native plant criteria for 2023 programs.

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