Author: Richard Phillips

Gardening with Native Plants Toolkit – Book Reviews

The Crevice Garden:How to make the perfect home for plants from rocky placesBy Kenton Seth and Paul Spriggs This gardening book is a great fit for Wild Ones Front Range Chapter–as well asgardeners elsewhere in the state and even the world. The authors hail from Fruita,Colorado and British Columbia; they have studied crevice gardening with […] Continue reading "Gardening with Native Plants Toolkit – Book Reviews"

Colorado Native Plants for Caterpillars and Birds

By Deborah Lebow Aal If you are reading this, you have some familiarity with, and/or, some interest in the interdependence of native plants and native insects. Some native plants provide the ecosystem with more benefits for insects than others. The measure I am using for ecosystem benefits is how many species of caterpillars a native […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Plants for Caterpillars and Birds"

Sustainable Flowers on the Front Range

Moving Towards Sustainable Flowers One Bouquet at a Time By Ayn Schmit, Wild Ones Front Range member and flower enthusiast, and Helen Skiba, owner, Farmette Flowers in Longmont Why would Front Rangers passionate about native landscaping care about growing flowers ourselves or supporting our local farmers who grow them? Have you ever wondered where that […] Continue reading "Sustainable Flowers on the Front Range"