Volunteer Spotlight: Rick Phillips

| Chapter Updates

Wild Ones Front Range (WOFR) would not be the same without Rick Phillips’ mostly
behind the scenes help. A list of what he does is quite inadequate, as he is an “allaround handyman kind of guy.” He is the web chair, or web master for the WOFR
website; he is the zoom host, along with his wife, Vicki Saragoussi Phillips, for all our
Zoom programs; he has written numerous newsletter articles for us (mostly
unprompted!); he provides the technical help for publishing our toolkit online; he has
been a yard tour host for his spectacular landscape; he edits and posts videos for us, a
very time consuming, unsung job; he propagates seeds and plants for WOFR Seed and
Plant Swaps; and there is more. When we need help, we call Rick.

Much of what Rick does he approaches as the engineer that he is, with a scientific and
very organized approach. And, when not doing Wild Ones work, he can be found
putting his enviable energy into his very large yard, where he has experimented, along
with Vicki, with a native oak grove, as well as a native prairie, and also an extensive
vegetable garden.

When not nurturing his own gardens, Rick volunteers at a Denver
urban farm and aquaponics greenhouse that provides fresh produce to the local
community. He likes being out in nature, scoping high for birds in flight, and
examining the world’s earthly landscapes, having been a geologist at one point. He
also participates in “Reading Partners,” a Denver Public School program where trained
volunteers interact with and support young students with reading challenges, as well as
reading extensively on his own. He enjoys cooking, and recently took up pottery.
Thank you, Rick, for all you do for this chapter.

We don’t know how you do it all, but are very grateful for your support as a very
active volunteer for WOFR.