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Colorado Native Wildflowers | Favorite Early Spring Bloomers

By Michelle Kinshella Dreary Old Man Winter is still upon us, but soon our calendar will be telling us it’s Spring—the gardener’s favorite time of year! “Conventional” gardeners anticipate their tulips and crocuses, but we native plant lovers have so much more to look forward to, especially if you’re willing to venture forth on a […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Wildflowers | Favorite Early Spring Bloomers"

Colorado Continues to Invest in Turf Conversion Programs

As discussed in the February WOFR newsletter, the Colorado General Assembly enacted House Bill 22-1151 in June, 2022. This legislation established a statewide turf replacement program and authorized a limited amount of funding to accelerate lawn conversions. Grants provided under HB-22-1151 will complement and further support the existing rebate and incentive programs of local municipal […] Continue reading "Colorado Continues to Invest in Turf Conversion Programs"

How to Remove Your Lawn and Select a Colorado Native Turf Alternative

By Ayn Schmit One of the first goals for many gardeners new to landscaping with native plants is to rid their landscape – in part or entirely – of non-native turf. Doing so is a no-brainer! Non-native turf grasses are ecological dead zones, they require large amounts of water, and often prompt gardeners to use […] Continue reading "How to Remove Your Lawn and Select a Colorado Native Turf Alternative"

Colorado Native Shrubs | Red Twig Dogwood/ Cornus Servicea

There’s nothing better for a gardener at this time of year than to see color in their winter landscape. Yellows and reds can highlight the browns and greys of winter. One of the best Colorado native shrubs you can have in your landscape is Red Twig Dogwood, or Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus servicea). This plant […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Shrubs | Red Twig Dogwood/ Cornus Servicea"

Colorado Landscaping Summit Recap

By Danna Liebert Thanks to Jenifer S. Heath and Barney White for contributing to this piece. On November 9, The Colorado Water Conservation Board hosted an all-day “Colorado Landscaping Summit” to discuss the implementation of Colorado’s Turf Replacement Bill, HB22-1151, and outdoor water conservation strategies being used in different cities. While native plants were mentioned, […] Continue reading "Colorado Landscaping Summit Recap"

Member Spotlight: Laurel Starr

Laurel brings her energy and passion to the Wild Ones Front Range Chapter as a volunteer on our Programming Committee. She prefers contributing in a variety of ways, including moderating virtual webinars, organizing garden tours, and leading field trips. When asked about her experience volunteering with the Programming Committee, Laurel said, “I was initially worried that I […] Continue reading "Member Spotlight: Laurel Starr"

Plant Spotlight: Apache Plume

Photo credits (left to right): W.D. and Dolphia Bransford, Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller, and Thomas Muller, all courtesy of Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center One of the showiest native shrubs on Colorado’s front range is Apache Plume (Fallugia paradoxa). It has a wild look about it, and can get rather rangy if untended, but that, we […] Continue reading "Plant Spotlight: Apache Plume"

The State of Native Plant Legislation in Colorado

By Deb Lebow Aal and Danna Liebert In this year’s Member Survey you, our members, asked how we determine whether we are making progress with changing landscapes, “one yard at a time” (that’s the Wild Ones’ tagline). We think it’s a good question. Rather than relying on anecdotes from native plant landscapers (whose phones are ringing […] Continue reading "The State of Native Plant Legislation in Colorado"

Share Your Garden

We are excited to feature more WOFR member gardens in our upcoming newsletters. If you’re growing Colorado native plants, please consider sharing your garden with us (photos, observations, musings, trials and tribulations) via this submission form. There is also opportunity here for WOFR member submissions to be featured in the Wild Ones National Journal. One of […] Continue reading "Share Your Garden"

Plant Spotlight: Baby Blue Rabbitbrush

Baby blue rabbitbrush across the seasons. Photos courtesy of Plant Select. Rabbitbrush doesn’t get its full due. It is gorgeous when most of your garden has finished inspiring, and it’s bustling with insects looking for late season nectar at this time of year. Some people don’t like how rangy large rabbitbrush can get (see our […] Continue reading "Plant Spotlight: Baby Blue Rabbitbrush"