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By Karen Vanderwall Many of you are looking at your tired thirsty lawns right now, thinking I should get rid of it! It’s a daunting task, you are also probably thinking. Once you’ve worked through the challenging decision to replace some or all of your lawn to a native garden, the next challenge is how […] Continue reading "NATIVE PLANT GARDEN PREP – THE NITTY-GRITTY OF LAWN REMOVAL"

Colorado Landscaping Summit Recap

By Danna Liebert Thanks to Jenifer S. Heath and Barney White for contributing to this piece. On November 9, The Colorado Water Conservation Board hosted an all-day “Colorado Landscaping Summit” to discuss the implementation of Colorado’s Turf Replacement Bill, HB22-1151, and outdoor water conservation strategies being used in different cities. While native plants were mentioned, […] Continue reading "Colorado Landscaping Summit Recap"

My Journey to a Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant Garden

by Ann Winslow Inspired by Douglas Tallamy’s book Bringing Nature Home (subject of the Wild Ones Book Club in January), this spring I decided to create a native plant pollinator garden in my 1960s suburban Denver yard. It was my first adventure in using all native plants.  Most yards in my neighborhood are primarily turf and evergreens […] Continue reading "My Journey to a Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant Garden"

BALANCE…and Soil

by Deborah Lebow Aal with help from Jan Midgely and Carla DeMasters This is a particularly odd time to be talking about native plants and gardening. As we continue to grapple with systemic racism in our country, and truly around the world, and the ever-present global pandemic, it’s a hard time to focus on non-human issues. […] Continue reading "BALANCE…and Soil"

Let’s Talk Water and Yes, Native Plants Too

By Deborah Lebow Aal Ah, yes, water. It IS the weather in Colorado.  We are constantly talking about water. Skiers are obsessed with the snowpack; anglers are obsessed with river flow; farmers talk about the drought that seems to be omni-present. But, is it really a drought if it’s the normal condition? Denver gets an average of about 15 […] Continue reading "Let’s Talk Water and Yes, Native Plants Too"