Join us for our first 2018 Seed Propagation Event!!

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Please Join Wild Ones and Audubon Rockies for our first 2018 Seed Propagation Event on February 28th from 5:00-7:00PM at REI Denver.

Native landscaping is so beneficial in many ways, but it is also a very special (and easy!) way of gardening itself! In this talk, you will learn how to propagate your native seeds, either in a controlled environment to later transplant out in the field, or sow directly in your soil to see all the new surprises coming up in the growing season. Attend this talk to learn more about the lives of seeds themselves from when plants set seed, to when and how to collect, as well as the different methods to break dormancy whether they are in containers or in the ground. You will experiment with what materials you will need and examine what kind of prep and maintenance is necessary to pull together the garden of your dreams that you helped nurture and create. Remember, it is never too early to think spring!

4:30  Doors Open & Sign-In
5:00  Opening Remarks Introduction of organizations and speakers.
Anna Puchalskis Presentation
Introduction: Plant Seed Production Learn about different kinds of seeds and when they are produced.
Seed Collection When are seeds produced, and how are they collected depending on where they are found?
Seed Propagation Learn how to properly clean, store, and break seed with use of different equipment and methods.
Transplanting Learn the best methods on how-to properly transplant your plants into larger containers or into the ground.
Sowing Seed Directly
Combine seed and climate knowledge to learn what, when and how to sow seeds directly into the ground.
Where to Find & Purchase Seeds
7:00  Wrap Up/Final Remarks Distribute evaluation forms and handouts.

Anna Puchalski’s love for the plants and the outdoors brought her to study Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Botany at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science. She ventured into ecological restoration participating in various field crews where she spent her time learning the dynamics between the fauna, flora, water, and land by applying various restoration techniques from pesticide applications to prescribed burns while creating and helping maintain native habitats ranging that included wetlands, woodlands, and prairies. Most of her work was spent working at a native plant nursery where she was solely responsible for inventory control as well as assisted with sales and production activities. Her move out to beautiful Colorado gave her the opportunity to practice restoration once again as well as garden in Colorado’s unique climate before returning to the landscaping industry where she currently manages the flower beds for a landscaping company.