Colorado Native Plant Demonstration Garden | Tour of Denver’s Greenverein “Hell Strip” @ Turnverein

| Garden Tours, Native Landscape Planning & Design

We had a great group come out to tour the Greenverein Garden, which was started in 2019 as a collaboration between Denver Turnverein, Uptown on the Hill, and Front Range Wild Ones on a former Denver hell strip located on Clarkson Street!

The garden is 100′ long and 11′ wide and uses berms, swales, check dams, urbanite, passive water catchment and other creative techniques to establish a garden highlighting native plants.

This tour was hosted by Judy Trompeter “The Initiator”, Marilyn Bernier “The Weed Czar”, Wild Ones members, Christine Gust “The Link”, Lisa Olsen “The Architect”, Judy Hopper “The Financier” and Julie Nordstrom “The Hydrator”.

If you are interested in volunteering with us to maintain the garden (e.g. weed, collect seeds, prune), please email Christine at [email protected].

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