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Share Your Garden

We are excited to feature more WOFR member gardens in our upcoming newsletters. If you’re growing Colorado native plants, please consider sharing your garden with us (photos, observations, musings, trials and tribulations) via this submission form. There is also opportunity here for WOFR member submissions to be featured in the Wild Ones National Journal. One of […] Continue reading "Share Your Garden"

Project Spotlight: Cherry Creek Renovation Tour Report

Looking back on midsummer, the weather gave us a welcome break for our tour on Sunday, July 24. At meeting time, the temperature was in the low 70’s – a great respite from the previous week’s highs in the upper 90’s, especially since there wasn’t a shade tree in sight! We gathered – twelve Wild Ones […] Continue reading "Project Spotlight: Cherry Creek Renovation Tour Report"

Native Plant Demonstration Garden at Ekar Farms: A New Partnership

By Ayn Schmit If you happen to find yourself on a summer Sunday along East Alameda Avenue in Denver, you might hear the happy hubbub of people working in the gardens at Ekar Farms. Ekar Farms, located on land belonging to the Denver Academy of Torah, is a non-profit organization that fosters community and connection […] Continue reading "Native Plant Demonstration Garden at Ekar Farms: A New Partnership"

Colorado Native Plant Demonstration Gardens

You may know that Wild Ones Front Range Chapter has three demonstration projects, and one more we are “adopting.” We have also partnered with Denver Parks and Recreation on another project. They are all different, but worthy of some attention. So, we will be highlighting two of them here this month, and the other three […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Plant Demonstration Gardens"

Colorado Native Plants in Pocket Prairies

By Deb Lebow Aal Pocket Prairie is not a new term, but if you follow many sustainable gardening websites and blogs, like I do, it is suddenly everywhere. What is the buzz about? Well, as you know, the Front Range, and much of the Midwest was prairie – short and long grass prairie. If we […] Continue reading "Colorado Native Plants in Pocket Prairies"

Introducing the Greenverein Garden: A Haven for Nature in Downtown Denver 

By Lisa Olsen Residents of the North Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver have noticed a lot of activity at the Denver Turnverein. Founded in 1865, the Denver Turnverein is a member-supported non-profit focused on the educational, social, and physical benefits of dancing. Built in 1920, Denver’s premier dance hall is celebrating its hundredth anniversary this year. […] Continue reading "Introducing the Greenverein Garden: A Haven for Nature in Downtown Denver "