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Book Review: “Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future” by Elizabeth Kolbert

Review by Tom Swihart If you liked Elizabeth Kolbert’s “Field Notes from a Catastrophe” or “The Sixth Extinction,” you may like her new book, “Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future.” Kolbert provides a number of extraordinary stories about projects to “save” nature, by intensive human efforts, from the problems created by other […] Continue reading "Book Review: “Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future” by Elizabeth Kolbert"

The Colorado Native Landscaping Coalition

By Tom Swihart We are pleased to let you know that Wild Ones Front Range Chapter is a founding member of the new Colorado Native Landscaping Coalition. The Coalition is a collaboration between Wild Ones Front Range Chapter, the Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Program, the Colorado Native Plant Society, the Colorado Wildlife Federation, and the People and Pollinators Action Network. Our main […] Continue reading "The Colorado Native Landscaping Coalition"

A Few Book Recommendations for Native Landscaping Advocates

Contributed by Tom Swihart and Deborah Lebow Aal It turns out that thinking about landscaping with native plants is akin to thinking about people’s relationship with the natural world. Below are brief descriptions of some books that we find interesting or inspiring. Many of us have more time to read right now, and need some inspiration. […] Continue reading "A Few Book Recommendations for Native Landscaping Advocates"

Can You Get Your Community to Act? Town of Erie Example

By Tom Swihart An important goal for the Front Range Chapter of Wild Ones is for members to move their own yard toward native landscaping – and then move their neighbors in the same direction. The example you set can show your neighbors and friends how native landscaping is both possible and desirable. Upgrading yards, […] Continue reading "Can You Get Your Community to Act? Town of Erie Example"

A Call To Action

by Deb Lebow Aal What have you done, or will you do, this month, or this year, to inspire and empower people to plant native plants? Wild Ones was established to… “promote environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration, and establishment of native plant communities.” That is our mission statement. The more […] Continue reading "A Call To Action"

Sustainable Flowers, One Bouquet at a Time

By Ayn Schmit, Wild Ones Front Range member and flower enthusiast, and Helen Skiba, owner, Farmette Flowers in Longmont Why would Front Rangers passionate about native landscaping care about growing flowers for bouquets ourselves or supporting our local farmers who grow them? Have you ever wondered where that flower bouquet you picked up from the […] Continue reading "Sustainable Flowers, One Bouquet at a Time"