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Native Plants

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This page is newly planted! Please check back as the content grows… What makes a plant “native”? Doug Tallamy and Rick Darke define a native plant in their book The Living Landscape as: “a plant or animal that has evolved in a given place over a period of time sufficient to develop complex and essential relationships with the physical environment and other organisms […]

Grasses are the Foundation

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By Jan Midgely For additional information on grasses, Cool and Warm Colorado Native Grasses highlights each species’ mature size and growth habit, cultural needs and optimal window to sow seeds. In dry lands with few woody plants, grasses are the foundation of the landscape both functionally and aesthetically. But why should we include them in […]

Native Seed Collection and Cleaning

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Colorado native plants evolved in tough soils and climates. Even in natural areas with no supplemental water many are producing fertile seeds this year. Prior to collecting, it’s a good idea to review the Colorado Native Plant Society’s collection protocols. If collecting seeds in legitimate areas and your gardens has slipped your mind, it is […]