Native Plant Propagation

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Native Seed Germination Tips

For tips and tricks on how to germinate many of our native plants species, please refer to the Germination Guide for Native Seeds compiled by Wild Ones Front Range Chapter Board Member Jan Midgley. As Jan conducts her research into germination best practices, she will provide updates to this guide. Many thanks to Jan for helping to demystify how to grow native plants from seed!

New to Growing Native Plants?

Based on the ease of seed germination related in the Germination Guide for Native Seeds, we have compiled a list of Easy to Grow Colorado Native Plants that are suitable for novice growers. These plants meet the following criteria:

Seeds need little/no pretreatment

Seeds germinate readily

Plants are easy to grow in gardens

Seeds are easy to collect

Not all of these species are readily available; that will come in time we multiply our supply of seeds by planting these species in our gardens.

To get you started growing native plants, we have compiled a Colorado Native Seed Starting Guide. This guide breaks sowing seeds into easy-to-follow steps that will propel you on the path of native plant propagation success.

Tracking Native Seed Germination

To help growers track the progress of their native plant propagation efforts, we have created a Native Seed Germination Log. This log is a downloadable spreadsheet, designed as a template for growers to customize based on which plants they are growing, and which plants they might have to donate to spring Native Plant Swaps. The document was originally generated using Google Sheets; the formatting will stay true when downloaded from this page and then uploaded onto Google Drive. We will continue to update this form, adding species as seed becomes more readily available.