Plan, Install, Maintain! A DIY on Low-Water, Low-Maintenance Native Plant Gardening

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024
to (Mountain Time)

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Join us for our next webinar as local plant landscaper, Eryn Murphy, owner of Restorative Landscape Design, covers the practical side of low-maintenance, habitat-friendly native plant xeriscaping. Learn the fundamentals of planning, installation, and maintenance.

Eryn will cover eradicating weeds or sod; low-water and low-maintenance strategies; plant selection, sourcing, and arrangement; mulches and bio-weed-barriers; irrigation and paths; tips and tools for the labor, and long-term expectations.

Eryn runs the native plant landscaping business Restorative Landscape Design, which manages 20-to-50 yard and park conversions in the Denver area every year. Eryn also volunteers for WOFR and is passionate about making native plant landscaping affordable and accessible. RLD manages a low-cost community install program called "DIY with Help;" maintains a public master spreadsheet of CO native plants; and recently published "The DIY Coloradoscape Guide" with a Native Garden-In-A-Truck service. 

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