Month: April 2023

Douglas and Elbert County Meet & Greet

Residents of Douglas & Elbert Counties got to know each other and hiked a protected ecosystem and ranch. Curious to learn more about transforming your garden into a habitat with Colorado native wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees? Check out our native gardening toolkit, register for an upcoming event, subscribe to our newsletter, and/or become a member – if you’re not […] Continue reading "Douglas and Elbert County Meet & Greet"

Why Go Beyond Xeriscaping to Coloradoscape?

Primary authors: Deb Lebow Aal & Danna Liebert The Front Range of Colorado is (or was) a short grass prairie ecosystem. That is what issupposed to be here, or at least what was here before European settlers came. Those plants that were here before Europeans arrived we refer to as native plants. The plants that […] Continue reading "Why Go Beyond Xeriscaping to Coloradoscape?"