Month: September 2022

Project Spotlight: Cherry Creek Renovation Tour Report

Looking back on midsummer, the weather gave us a welcome break for our tour on Sunday, July 24. At meeting time, the temperature was in the low 70’s – a great respite from the previous week’s highs in the upper 90’s, especially since there wasn’t a shade tree in sight! We gathered – twelve Wild Ones […] Continue reading "Project Spotlight: Cherry Creek Renovation Tour Report"

Volunteer Spotlight – Vicki Saragoussi Phillips

I would be surprised if you don’t already recognize Vicki Saragoussi Phillips! Vicki co-hosts our virtual Zoom programs with her husband Rick, ensuring attendees may enjoy the content whenever and from wherever they desire. Vicki is also our Registrar, setting up and managing our programs online with the information people need to have smooth and […] Continue reading "Volunteer Spotlight – Vicki Saragoussi Phillips"

Artificial Turf – Again!

by Deb Lebow Aal In response to last month’s article, on why artificial turf, aka plastic lawn, is not a good alternative, a reader sent a handout from Colorado Springs Utilities that details a few more reasons it is no good. Of particular interest is the link in that handout to health reasons not to […] Continue reading "Artificial Turf – Again!"

Fire Resistant Landscaping and Colorado Native Plants

By Deb Lebow Aal. Updated October 2023. This is a topic every Colorado homeowner should pay attention to. As you all know, our fire season in the West is getting longer and hotter. And, while it’s of much greater concern if you live close to the rural/forest intersection, it is now relevant even for urban […] Continue reading "Fire Resistant Landscaping and Colorado Native Plants"