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Grasses are the Foundation

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By Jan Midgely For additional information on grasses, Cool and Warm Colorado Native Grasses highlights each species’ mature size and growth habit, cultural needs and optimal window to sow seeds. In dry lands with few woody plants, grasses are the foundation of the landscape both functionally and aesthetically. But why should we include them in […]

Glorious Grasses Native to Colorado’s Front Range

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By Deb Lebow Aal. Revised by Jen Smith September 2023. No, no, not Kentucky Blue Grass! Banish that thought and that grass – definitely not native, here. Kentucky Blue Grass (referred to from now on as KBG !!), the bane of water providers in the west, is ubiquitous, and, while it serves a purpose (it […]

Container Gardening with Colorado Native Plants

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By Deborah Lebow Aal, with assistance from Nevin Bebee and Diane Stahl As we’ve mentioned in our Native Plant Landscaping Statement, we recognize that many people don’t have access to a yard but perhaps have a porch or terrace, and would like to do something for the environment, the food web, and wildlife, i.e., plant […]